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2018 Toronto Tea Festival Awards

The Unofficial 2018 Toronto Tea Festival Awards

February 12, 2018 in Tea Events

You can’t have a great festival without great vendors! There were so many things to mention in my Toronto Tea Festival recap this year that I couldn’t properly recognize some of the vendors in that one post. It was a long and snowy ride home after the festival so I had time to come up with the idea of doing my own 2018 Toronto Tea Festival Awards to make sure I highlight as many wonderful vendors as possible. Mind you, I definitely was not able to get to every single company at the festival, so this fun award style post will be focusing on the ones I did get to visit and left a lasting impression. Read more…

Toronto Tea Festival 2018

Toronto Tea Festival 2018 Recap and Thoughts

February 6, 2018 in Tea Events

I’m back from an incredible weekend at the Toronto Tea Festival 2018! Sadly, the festival is over and it’ll be another year until the next one. On the bright side though, I couldn’t have asked for a better tea experience. Throughout the festival I shared as much as I could on Instagram and I received a lot of direct messages from fellow tea lovers asking if I would recommend this tea festival. My answer is always an immediate YES! If I could only go to one tea festival my entire life, I would pick the Toronto Tea Festival in a heart beat. Here’s a recap of the tea filled weekend that may encourage you to start planning your trip for next year. Read more…

2018 Toronto Tea Festival

Here’s what to expect at the 2018 Toronto Tea Festival

January 30, 2018 in Tea Events

This weekend Canada’s largest festival for tea lovers, the 6th annual Toronto Tea Festival, will finally be here! If you want to immerse yourself in the world of tea and be surrounded by fellow tea lovers, this is definitely the place to be. It is easily my favourite tea event as I am always looking forward to the following one right away. The festival committee does a great job at keeping the festival organized and current. The 2018 Toronto Tea Festival is Saturday, February 3rd and Sunday, February 4th. There is also a special VIP night that kicks off the festival on Friday, February 2nd. Here is a run down of everything to look forward to this weekend.  Read more…

toronto tea festival 2017

Toronto Tea Festival 2017 Recap and Thoughts

February 8, 2017 in Tea Events

When this new year first began I was extremely anxious for the end of the month because that meant one thing: Toronto Tea Festival 2017! This was my third year attending and I can confidently say that it keeps getting better each year. The committee is constantly thinking of new things for Toronto’s tea lovers and it seems to be growing in popularity, too. While I didn’t want the festival weekend to end, I also couldn’t wait to get home and dive into my new tea goodies and, of course, report my thoughts on this blog. Read more…

Toronto Tea

Toronto Tea Festival 2016 Recap and Thoughts

February 16, 2016 in Tea Events

It was 7:30 am on the morning of January 30. I woke up and thought to myself “I know I have to be somewhere today. Let me see what time it is.” After a quick glance at my phone I noticed I should have already been on the road to Toronto. The 4th Annual Toronto Tea Festival was starting at 10am that Saturday and since it takes me about 4 hours to get there, I was no longer going to make it for opening time. Sadly, I missed a couple presentations that were high on my list, but there is plenty more to report on. Read more…

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