Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

December 14, 2017 in Tea Thoughts

Are you still running around to finish your Christmas shopping? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! This list should give you some ideas on what to get a variety of tea drinkers on your shopping list this year. Some items are on my own wish list, and some items are ones I already own and absolutely love. It should be noted that these Christmas gift ideas for tea drinkers don’t actually include any tea. If you’re a tea drinker like me, you’re probably up to your neck in tea and, unless there is a specific tea you’re dying to try, you probably want more tea related products than just tea. So, continue your shopping here where you’ll find tea sets, tea spoons, tea inspired clothing and more recommendations for stockings and under the tree.

Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers That Are Not Tea

*However: If you’re more interested in gifting tea this year, I recommend something a bit different: tea grown in Hawaii or tea grown in Canada! Now, on to the other gift ideas…

Tea Cup and Saucer Set

gift ideas for tea drinkers
In case you didn’t already know, I’m a tea cup addict. There might be a tea lover on your list this year that would also appreciate some fine china. Every time I cross a thrift store of some sort, I’ll take a quick peak at any tea cups they have and see if any call to me. When I came across this floral tea cup and saucer set, I couldn’t believe the price. Usually I get gently used tea cups for $5-$8 each, but these new porcelain tea cups work out to be $10 each or cheaper if you get a set of 6. Let’s not forget to mention how lovely they are, too. I love that they have a gold rim. If you want to sweeten the deal, check out these gold tea cup and saucer display stands so the gift receiver can store their new set nicely!

Outdoor Tea Set

gift ideas for tea drinkers
If you have a tea lover on your list that is into more traditional style tea ware, I love this cobblestone tea set. It is a beautiful impression of nature as it was “inspired by the shape and smooth surface of stones found in mountain streams often depicted in Oriental paintings and watercolors.” More importantly, I like the quality of the porcelain tea set. It’s very sturdy, and the cups retain heat quite well. You can steep larger tea leaves directly in the tea pot, but it also comes with a fine mesh infuser. The set I have from ZENS Lifestyle actually comes with four cups, a tealight candle holder and a matching milk and sugar set.

TEA Shirts

gift ideas for tea drinkers
I don’t think you can go wrong with gifting a t-shirt with a cool tea illustration or saying to a dedicated tea drinker. I have about 5 different tea inspired clothing items, all that I love and probably wear too much! The above is one from my collection. Crew Tea offers quite a bit of different styles and designs. I’ve been eyeing their CháTea Vibes,and Netflix & Tea shirts. This shirt is perfect for the matcha lover on your list, and I recommend this one for the tea & science lover.

All Natural Tea Honey Spoons & Lollipop Gift Box

gift ideas for tea drinkers
For those that love honey in tea, I think this is a neat gift to give and stuff stockings. Aside from being pretty, this gift is practical. If I were to use honey in my tea, I prefer honey spoons because there is less of a chance I will make a sticky mess everywhere. Anyone with me on this?! This particular gift set is honey and lemon flavour, but they also offer white honey spoons, flower honey spoons, lavender honey spoons, and clover honey spoons. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the tea and honey lover on your list to some new flavours!

Silver (or Gold) Plated Tea Spoons

gift ideas for tea drinkers
For those that would prefer tea without honey and maybe another sweetener or just milk, a set of elegant tea spoons may be just right. I absolutely adore ones with tea pots on top, because they make it easier for coffee loving guests to know not to stir their coffee with your tea spoons, haha. These particular tea spoons are silver plated with crystals, but they have gold plated ones, too!

Tea Socks

gift ideas for tea drinkers
Here’s a nice way to give the gift of warmth this year! As a kid, getting socks for Christmas wasn’t always too exciting. However, as an adult, I always appreciate a good, cozy pair of them! I stumbled upon these socks on Etsy and instantly put them on my wish list because the message made me laugh. I don’t think any tea lover would be mad to receive socks this year if they were a pair like these.

Tea Time Adult Colouring Book

gift ideas for tea drinkers
I received this tea themed colouring book earlier this year and have been enjoying the “me” time I get from it with a cup of tea by my side. For a few dollars, you can’t go wrong. It includes 21 tea designs to relax with along with tea themed quotes. I like that there is a blank page between each colouring page so colours won’t bleed on to the next design and you can remove your finished masterpiece and display it somewhere easily.

Tea Candies

gift ideas for tea drinkers
Candies and chocolates are a popular item to gift during the holidays. I’m a tea lover with a sweet tooth, so I know there must be more out there like me! Instead of filling stockings with generic Christmas candies, how about some handmade tea infused candies? This shop offers hard tea candies similar to traditional ones you find in the store. A huge bonus with these tea candies though is that they are made with just 4 ingredients. There are two flavours: black tea berry and green tea lemon.

BONUS: Don’t forget that my book, Tea-spiration, makes a great gift for tea lovers!

Gift ideas for tea drinkers

That’s what these gift guides from other bloggers are saying, too:

“The only thing better than a good cup of tea is a good book to go with it and Tea-spiration is perfect to pair up with a warm mug, a big, comfy chair and a blanket!”Food Bloggers of Canada

“This is such a cute book that I think any tea lover should have. This is a great gift for any time of year, not just the holidays!”The Steap

“Great stocking stuffer!”Tea For Three

“Tea-spiration provides a refreshing perspective on how to enjoy tea without all those dos and don’ts. A relaxing read, ideal for tucking into over a cozy cup of tea.”Thirsty for Tea

Merry Christmas, Tea Lovers! 🙂

*featured image credit: mariateresa toledo Un tè natalizio…? via photopin (license)

I hope you found some great gift ideas for tea drinkers with this guide! What’s on your wish list this year? Share with me in the comments below!

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