Emiko Susilo

At the Tea Table with Narrator Emiko Susilo

August 16, 2018 in At the Tea Table

About two months ago, my book Tea-spiration became available as an audiobook. The voice behind the audiobook does a phenomenal job at enhancing the listener’s tea experience just how I envisioned the physical book to do for readers. The individual behind the voice for Tea-spiration is performing artist Emiko Susilo. Emiko was easily selected as the narrator not only because of her talent and incredibly soothing voice (if you listened to my audiobook, you understand!) but also because of her own history with tea. At the tea table, we connected further by discussing how tea plays a key role in both of her cultures, her loving tea moments with her late father, tea ‘rules’ in Bali and much more. Read more…

tea parties

Tea Parties Around the World // Book Review + Giveaway

July 31, 2018 in Book Review

Tea Time Magazine is a tea drinker’s source for all things related to tea moments including recipes and tea room features. If you have not read the magazine before there is a chance it may have at least captured your attention at a magazine stand once or twice before. It’s always an eyecatching publication with elegant tea ware and treats on the cover. The folks at Tea Time Magazine are adding another fabulous tea related book to their shelf of published work. Tea Parties Around the World is a book you may want by your side when you are planning your next afternoon tea party. Read more…

Hamilton Small Fries

At the Tea Table with Heather Peter of Hamilton Small Fries

July 19, 2018 in At the Tea Table

Even though I am a small town girl, the city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada has a piece of my heart. Heather Peter resides in Hamilton as a marketer and designer and also has a blog devoted to the food scene in the city. After I had moved out of the city, I began following her blog, Hamilton Small Fries. It allows me to still feel connected, especially on days I miss it the most. When we first reached out to one another Heather was working for a tea company, enrolled in a tea course and dreaming of her future mobile tea shop. At the tea table we revisited her travelling tea trailer plans, her favourite afternoon tea spots and what teas she would pair with her favourite meals from local restaurants. Read more…

Kombucha Float

Kombucha Float

July 17, 2018 in Beverage / Tea Recipe

I have never been a big fan of pop but would drink the occasional can when I was younger. I only drank a couple of flavours and my go-to was root beer. What made a cold glass of root beer better on a hot summer day was adding a scoop or two of ice cream for a classic root beer float. One day I wanted to pay homage to those childhood memories and enjoy a refreshing treat similar to it. However, I wanted to swap the sugary pop for something else. Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea drink and it is the closest thing to pop that I drink today. Therefore, I decided to recreate the classic and make a kombucha float! Read more…

tea tumblers

5 Excellent Tea Tumblers for Travelling with Loose Leaf

July 10, 2018 in Learn

Tea tumblers are the perfect item to have if you’re travelling or just want to prepare tea in a bottle. You can still use tea bags, but most tea tumblers make taking loose leaf tea on the go more convenient. They are great whether you prepare your tea to go hot, iced or even cold brew. I have tried my fair share of tea tumblers over the years, and this is a small collection of the ones I find to be excellent based on their quality, durability, usability, and affordability. If you need to take your loose leaf tea on the go, I think a reliable tea infuser bottle is important. Read more…

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