At the Tea Table with Bex of Out of the Bex

October 18, 2018 in At the Tea Table

When I look at my To Be Read pile in my room, I often wonder how it got so large. I happily blame Bex and her non-stop book recommendations that I can’t ever seem to ignore. Bex is the blogger behind Out of the Bex, a place for all things book related and a resource for authors and fellow bloggers. The last few months she has been my source for honest book reviews to feed my current reading addiction. With her tea addict and donut devotee status, she is also someone you want to reach out to if you ever need some tea and donut pairing suggestions. At the tea table Bex chatted about her love for books and tea, an author she dreams to share a cuppa with, and a tea item her and her husband can’t travel without! Read more…

hojicha tea latte

Hojicha Tea Latte

October 11, 2018 in Beverage / Tea Recipe

When the colder weather arrives I begin to think more about darker teas and the comfort they provide. This includes the Japanese green tea, hojicha, which isn’t actually green at all because it is roasted. This gives it a toasty and woody profile – it basically screams sweater weather! Sweater weather is my favourite and is also when I begin to crave tea lattes. As a fan of the occasional milky cup of tea, tea lattes take it to the next level. With just a tea of your choice, sweetener and frothed milk, tea lattes are ridiculously easy to make at home. I joined my two Autumn cravings and made this hojicha tea latte to indulge in all season long! Read more…

cafe leaves

Café Leaves – Montreal, Ontario

October 2, 2018 in Tea Rooms

While in Montreal last month, I made a point to stop by any tea place or cafe I walked by. Café Leaves was just a 10 minute walk from where I was staying downtown so it was the spot I visited the most. Before even visiting Montreal, this cafe was on my radar because of their Instagram. I took note of the beautiful aesthetics, the fun treats and drinks, and the luscious greenery that canvased the space. It is a small location (I walked by it a few times without realizing!) but the owners did a great job utilizing every area to make it welcoming and comfortable for customers. My first impression was that this cafe was made for plant and latte lovers. Read more…

Tea in Spoons

At the Tea Table with Connie of Tea in Spoons

September 13, 2018 in At the Tea Table

Look inside your cupboards and drawers and you’ll likely discover an appropriate amount of spoons. Look inside the cupboards and drawers of my following guest at the tea table and you’ll likely find them overflowing with spoons. Rightfully so considering Connie is the writer of the blog Tea in Spoons. Her blog is a place to share her tea knowledge, tea travels and thoughts on teas while capturing the beautiful leaves in the perfect teaspoon. I met her in person for the first time at the Toronto Tea Festival this year, and it was then that I knew I had to learn more about her tea lifestyle. At the tea table Connie spoke about her time interning at a Japanese tea farm, her essential tea items, and the moment she realized her tea blog had made an impact. Read more…

matcha affogato

Koicha Matcha Affogato

September 12, 2018 in Dessert / Tea Recipe

Green tea ice cream was always something I looked forward to as a kid. I would rush to the ice cream section of a popular buffet the second I finished my main meal. This matcha ice cream treat reminds me of those memories. Koicha is a thick-style matcha, different from the thin-style matcha (usucha) you may be used to for everyday drinking. It is typically prepared for special occasions. The main differences between these two styles are the texture and flavour. This style is made with more matcha, and less water to create a thick tea with no layer of foam on the surface. It has a strong flavour, which makes this concentrated version delightful for a matcha affogato. Read more…

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