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High Tea and Afternoon Tea: Do You Know The Difference?

April 18, 2019 in Learn

High Tea and Afternoon Tea are frequently misunderstood and confused for one another. However, besides both being British tea traditions, they are not equal. One is more formal and meant to be a get together over tea and a light snack before dinner. Whereas the other is not at all formal, and meant to be a filling meal after a long, laborious day of work. The names of the tea services are often the cause for the mix up of the two. If you hear the words High Tea and think of fine china, dainty finger foods and fascinators, you‘re not alone but you have the two confused. Here is the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea along with some variations of the latter. Read more…

At the Tea Table with Yogi & Tea Sommelier Happi Dani

April 16, 2019 in At the Tea Table

Happi Dani was created to offer Dani, Certified Yoga Instructor and Tea Sommelier, an opportunity for more self-care moments in her life. At the time she had a different position in a fast-paced city, and tea was something that allowed her to slow down and focus on the present moment. After completing her yoga training in the Himalayas and the tea sommelier program with the Tea Association of Canada, Dani began blending teas that reflected her personal yoga journey. At the tea table she discussed leaving the corporate world behind, a not-so tasty tea blend, and she shared the perfect yoga pose and tea pairing for the spring season. Read more…

matcha not frothing

Matcha Not Frothing Perfectly? Here Are 4 Reasons Why

April 8, 2019 in Learn / Matcha 101: Learn About This Green Tea

Are you practicing your matcha whisking skills regularly but frustrated that you still can’t get a good layer of froth? I know that feeling. Everyone wants to achieve the perfect matcha froth. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the whisker that is to blame when the bowl of matcha looks pretty flat. You can master the way to whisk with your wrist, but there are other factors to consider if you are asking “why is the matcha not frothing well? When done correctly your frothed bowl of matcha is picture worthy and more importantly, extra delicious! Read more…

T By Daniel

T By Daniel – Brampton, Ontario

April 5, 2019 in Tea Rooms

After years of drinking their tea and falling in love with their brand on social media, I finally got a chance to pop into T By Daniel’s storefront. It was early 2018 when T By Daniel moved their fun tea shop from downtown Brampton to the Bramalea City Centre Mall. Slight re-branding came with the new location, but T by Daniel kept their same great tea blends. They even added a few more products to their shop. I was excited about the location change because it is much closer to family that I visit in Brampton. Now with no excuse to pop in for some tea, I’ll be at the T By Daniel shop every time I’m in the area! Read more…

mystery tea

1 Mystery Tea, 3 Tea Reviewers

March 28, 2019 in Black Tea / Tea Review

Tasting and reviewing teas can be fun but sometimes difficult when you can‘t seem to find the right word to describe what your taste buds are experiencing. I find it easier when it is a mystery tea and therefore I don’t have ideas in my head of how this certain tea should smell or taste. Knowing much about a tea before drinking it can affect my own tasting notes. Everyone has a different palate and so different reviews of a single tea is not uncommon. The goal of this review is to show how three different people, 2 tea bloggers and 1 musician/tea drinker, can have very similar or different thoughts on the same tea. Read more…

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