Alexis Siemons

At the Tea Table with Alexis Siemons from Teaspoons & Petals

January 23, 2018 in At the Tea Table

One of the very first tea blogs I stumbled upon in the midst of creating my own was Teaspoons & Petals. It happened when I was searching for tea related items on Etsy and, at the time, the blogger behind T&P, Alexis Siemons, created an original haiku teaware line inspired by jazz music. With my love and history of pairing jazz with tea time, Alexis officially had my attention! While that line has been sold out for a few years now, today, Alexis focuses on teaching tea classes and developing tea programs and recipes for tea companies and restaurants. At the tea table, she shares her tea infusing techniques, gives us a peak at her tea space and we take a stroll down memory lane discussing her earlier moments with tea. Read more…

DIY Sugar Cubes

DIY Sugar Cubes

January 16, 2018 in Tea DIY

One lump or two? I don’t always take sugar in my tea, but I can’t say no to artisan sugar cubes. I’ve had them with floral designs on top and even Santa’s face. I’ve also enjoyed different sugar shapes like hearts, stars, and snowflakes. Fancy sugar cubes cost more than just a bag of sugar, therefore this small, but elegant item can add up quickly. To my surprise, it’s actually incredibly simple to create your own sugar cubes at home. You only need 2 ingredients and one comes from the tap! I’m sure you can guess what the other ingredient is for these DIY sugar cubes. These are an inexpensive way to dress up a tea party and even make a great homemade gift for family, friends and/or coworkers. Read more…

tea and chocolate pairing

The Art of Tea and Chocolate Pairing

January 4, 2018 in Learn

Tea and food pairings can be a fun and delicious experiment. There are many items that can go well with tea, but my personal favourite is definitely chocolate. I can’t think of many things that are better than drinking a warm cup of tea while nibbling on extraordinary chocolate. You can find teas blended with chocolate, or chocolates infused with tea, but the art of tea and chocolate pairing can be simplified. Just by taking a sip of your favourite tea with a bite of your favourite chocolate, you can see how well (or not so well) the flavour profiles go together. With a little experimenting, you’re bound to find some pairings that agree with your taste buds! Read more…

Daniel Lewis

At the Tea Table with Daniel Lewis from T By Daniel

December 19, 2017 in At the Tea Table

When I think of a company making tea fun and likeable to many, I think of T By Daniel in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This successful Canadian brand is lead by Daniel Lewis and his wife. If you have attended festivals they have participated in or even just follow Daniel on social media, then you’re probably aware of his joyful, upbeat personality and love for bowties. His infectious passion and energy has provided him with many inspiring tea moments. At the tea table, Daniel Lewis chats about finding his tea love at DAVIDsTea and Teaopia before opening his own tea shop which eventually lead him to serving tea to His Royal Highness this year. Yes, you read that right! Get yourself a cup of tea and continue reading to learn more about his journey to tea and his Royal experience. Read more…

Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

December 14, 2017 in Tea Thoughts

Are you still running around to finish your Christmas shopping? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! This list should give you some ideas on what to get a variety of tea drinkers on your shopping list this year. Some items are on my own wish list, and some items are ones I already own and absolutely love. It should be noted that these Christmas gift ideas for tea drinkers don’t actually include any tea. If you’re a tea drinker like me, you’re probably up to your neck in tea and, unless there is a specific tea you’re dying to try, you probably want more tea related products than just tea. So, continue your shopping here where you’ll find tea sets, tea spoons, tea inspired clothing and more recommendations for stockings and under the tree. Read more…

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