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6 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday with Tea

December 5, 2017 in Learn / Tea Thoughts

I am officially one year older! To kick off my birthday celebrations, I have reservations for afternoon tea at a local tea room I adore. I always say my birthday is a great excuse to make people do things with me they wouldn’t normally do. For instance, all my not-so tea addicted friends and family will actually sit down and drink all of the tea I serve them because…who could say no to the birthday girl? So, I fully take advantage of my birthday by using it as the perfect day to convert people to the tea side. Next time your day is here, consider some of these ideas on how to celebrate your birthday with tea and help your friends and family members understand the wonderful beverage.

Celebrate your birthday with tea

Reserve a spot at your favourite tea room.

This is one of my most favourite ways to celebrate my birthday with tea, and it has quickly become a tradition (I may or may not be day dreaming about my reservations as I type this–can’t wait!). Afternoon tea rooms are elegant and all about the menu and decor details making it the perfect treat for celebrations. Get dressed up, sip your tea from antique teacups, nibble on scones and cheers to your new year! Bonus: some tea spots offer free things on your birthday such as a free cup of tea, or free dessert.

Host your own afternoon tea party.

This is a great option if you, unfortunately, don’t have a tea room near by or it’s already booked up. It’s also a lot of fun to put together your own tea party at home as you have more control of what teas and food items to serve. Let your creativity shine! If you need any tips, be sure to check out this afternoon tea party planning guide that comes with a free printable checklist so you can stay organized.

Arrange a tea tasting get together.

If afternoon tea with fine china and sweet treats isn’t your thing, you can host a tea tasting party instead! A tea tasting is an excellent way to introduce new tea drinkers to a variety of teas. Make a list of teas you plan to have at the tasting, and learn about them as best as you can to tell some tea stories to your guests. Since it’s your day, be sure to throw in some of your favourite teas to taste and share, too! I recommend this guide for some more tips on how to host a tea tasting.

Create a special birthday tea blend.

If you’re someone who enjoys or appreciates a delicious tea blend every now and then, why not make your own just for your birthday? Start with one of the teas you drink often as the base and try adding spices, herbs, fruits, chocolate or candy pieces, and see what the results are like. It may take a bit of time to get a tea blend to your liking, but that’s the fun part. You can experiment with a plethora of flavours and see how they all work together. A good tea blend won’t mask the taste of the actual tea, but a good tea blend is also whatever your taste buds enjoy!

Experience a tea leaf reading.

If readings in general interest you, then this form may be your cup of tea! I would say entering a new age/year is the best time to get your tea leaves read and if you have not experienced a tea leaf reading before, I recommend you try it at least once. You can get a private reading done or throw a tea leaf reading party and have all of your guests get a mini reading done, too. Sip tea together and see what the inside of your teacup may be trying to tell you! Learn more about the art of tea leaf reading here.

Indulge in some tea infused cocktails, cakes and other treats!

You’re not just limited to drinking steeped tea for your birthday. You can enjoy it a bit differently by making some fun tea infused food and drinks. If some of your friends or family members may be a bit iffy on the idea of drinking tea, you can have them experience flavours of tea through this neat way. Set up a tea station with a tea infused bar featuring some of your favourite cocktails with a tea spin. Also, who wouldn’t love a birthday cake that is infused with tea or iced with tea infused frosting?

However you spend your special day, I hope you have a happy one! Cheers to your new year 😉

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*feature photo credit: Ulf Bodin May 31, 2015 via photopin (license)

If you’re planning a tea inspired birthday party, let me know in the comments below and share if you have another way to celebrate your birthday with tea.

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  • Reply Anna @ The Tea Squirrel December 5, 2017 at 11:40 am

    Happy birthday Lu Ann! 😉

  • Reply Lynn@myteadiary December 5, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    What fun ideas!!!

  • Reply Aïna December 6, 2017 at 5:12 am

    Great ideas! I am new in ther tea business (launching my tea room and a herbal tea brand and I was looking at ideas to promote to people that are not so much into tea, the tea birthday party is definitely something I am going to try! Thank you very much for sharing.
    By the way I discovered your blog 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Great job!

  • Reply Foysal December 6, 2017 at 8:10 am

    First of all, Happy birthday to you. I am a serious tea lover as well and this is my first time on your blog. Well, the most catchy point was tea leaf reading! This is what ancient Chinese people believed, so I found it interesting and clicked the link. The photo captioned as “Tea leaf reading done with rooibos” was one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. Thank you so much.

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