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This Month in Tea // October Blog Round Up

November 1, 2017 in Monthly Round Up

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween, tea friends! I’ve been a bit behind on writing some blog posts as I have been busy working on my “Behind the Scenes of Tea Blogging” presentation for the Royal Botanical Gardens’ 2nd Annual Tea Festival this weekend. If you’re in the Hamilton, Ontario area and are interested in attending, get your tickets here (admission to the beautiful gardens is included in the price!) and you can also check out the full list of speakers and vendors. If you have a tea blog or are just interested in learning more about tea blogs, I’ll be speaking the Sunday at 2:30pm, so stop by! On that note, let’s jump into some of my favourite blog reads from last month, shall we?!


Thirsty for Tea | Tea Tin Clock DIY – Leave it to Bonnie to create the coolest tea inspired craft! As a tea lover, you probably have a lot of empty tea tins that are too pretty to toss away. Why not recreate this “tea time” craft?

The Tea Letter | The Solitude of Western Tea Culture – Tea is best when it is shared. However, Mike writes his thoughts on drinking tea alone and some of the problems that can occur because this habit. 

A Girl & Grey | DIY Matcha Face Mask – Just three ingredients is all it takes to make this green tea face mask from Sharni’s blog. Face masks during the Canadian winters are a must for me and I am that person that buys beauty products just because it says it has tea in it, haha. So I should start trying to make my own!

The Sound of Tea | These 5 Songs Are A Perfect Match With My Cup of Pu-erh Tea – If listening to music during my tea time, it’s usually jazz playing in the background. I shared a playlist example once here. Read about this blogger’s first experience with pu-erh tea and the songs that are the perfect sound of this tea. 

Teaspoons & Petals | Turning Over A New (Tea) Leaf: Cooking with Tea – Alexis recently had several incredible looking tea infused recipes published in The Philadelphia Inquirer. In her latest blog post, she shares some details about each of those recipes and also includes one for a Ruby Oolong Pear Galette & Whipped Cream.


Killing Thyme | Chai Cinnamon Rolls – A bold and spicy cup of chai screams morning to me so these chai cinnamon rolls are suitable for breakfast, right? Dana infuses both the dough and the icing with masala chai for this recipe!

A Virtual Vegan | Earl Grey Vegan Cake with Lemon Frosting – Layered cakes always catch my attention. Infuse it with tea and even better! While I’m not vegan, I appreciate delicious vegan baked goods because I feel like they’re trickier to master. Psst…there is still some time to enter the giveaway included with this recipe if you’re interested in winning an Eva Tea Set from Maia Ming Designs.

Simply Beautiful Eating | Double Chocolate Tart Cherry Scones with Espresso Drizzle – I know, I know…this recipe features espresso not tea, how dare I?!?! You should know by now that I have a weakness for scones and ones that look as phenomenal as these ones on Debi’s blog need to be noticed! Also….who could say no to chocolate? I’m definitely pairing these with my morning Assam tea. Yum!

As always, enjoy this month in tea round up! If you have a blog you think I should check out, please leave it in the comments below.

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