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Teacups & Crowns – Windsor, Ontario

October 4, 2017 in Tea Rooms

Windsor’s Little Italy has changed a bit over the years. I don’t visit it nearly enough as I should, but there was one new business that made me want to take a stroll down Erie Street again. Teacups & Crowns is a tea room and boutique where you’re encouraged to unwind with a cup of tea, a scone or two, and explore all of the finer things in life. It features luxury teas and pastries, jewelry and other fashion accessories. All of the little details that went into this spectacular home for tea is what makes it so special and somewhere I plan to visit again soon.

teacups & crowns

With the lack of tea history in my Italian family, I didn’t really know what to expect from a tea shop on an Italian pride street. When arriving to Teacups & Crowns you’ll pass a small bistro table and chairs for outdoor seating. Walking through the front door of the tea room two round tables are to your right along with a ledge by the front window full of accessories for sale and more seating if cleared. To your left is a mirrored shelf where many vintage, fine china teacups call home. If you’re ordering a tea, the first thing you do is pick out the teacup you would like to use during your visit from this selection. I always adore places that let you select the teacup that best matches your personality. 

Teacups & Crowns

Next, you’ll pass a clean, white armoire and tables popping with colours from the tea and other tea accessories for sale that they hold. Adjacent to the armoire is the counter with a welcoming family staff. The tea room is owned by a Sylvia Alongi who describes herself as a long time lover of crystals and tea. Her previous passion of floral designs is evident throughout the stunning room. While she wasn’t present the day I visited, two of her daughters, Bianca and Shaunacy, were there to provide service that exceeded my expectations. 

Teacups & CrownsTeacups & Crowns carries a selection of loose leaf teas from Metropolitan Tea. You have your classics like Earl Grey and English Breakfast and then some fruitier blends. A pot of tea is $3.25. Your tea choice will be served to you in a individual sized porcelain white teapot, that is good for about 3 teacup refills. While tea is in the name and all of the glamorous decor, they also serve cappuccino ($3.00), coffee ($1.50) and espresso ($1.75). The counter space is decorated with irresistible treats that would accompany your cup of tea perfectly. Baci chocolates (my favourite!), homemade blueberry scones, cronuts, short bread cookies, macarons, nutella cake — you name it! Some of the enticing desserts come from a local bakery, Shelby’s Sweet Shoppe.
Teacups & Crowns
Teacups & Crowns is open Tuesday to Wednesday 10am-4pm and Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm. The hours may vary if there are events happening on Erie Street. While you’re waiting for your tea to steep or your milk to be steamed for your cappuccino, definitely take time to check out the room by the couch seating area in the back. There are fine items for sale throughout the tea room but this one room is filled with even more. You’ll spot high-end fashion necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purses, scarves and more.

From the dainty silver teaspoons to the lovely tea themed accessories (I picked up a teapot necklace and teapot night light!), Teacups & Crowns’ ambiance is my favourite part of the entire tea experience it offers. It’s obvious this is a well loved placed with the regulars you’ll see walking through the door, excited to be greeted and served by the talented family. If you’re looking for sparkly party jewelry, tea cup floral arrangements or even a gift for a girlfriend, do yourself a favour and stop by to explore the boutique portion. But, mostly, if you’re looking for an authentic, elegant tea break, I highly recommend visiting this tea room!

Visit Teacups & Crowns:

591 Erie St East
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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