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This Month in Tea // May Blog Round Up

June 1, 2017 in Monthly Round Up

It’s officially June which means National Iced Tea Month is here! My blogiversary is also coming up this Saturday (can you believe I have been tea blogging for 6 years!?) and to celebrate I have something fun to share with you in a few days. Be sure to subscribe to my blog’s newsletter so you can receive the little gift I’ve been working on with some fellow tea bloggers when it is released. Speaking of fellow bloggers, here is my monthly round up of some of the blog posts I really enjoyed checking out last month. This round up covers topics ranging from tea snobbery to cat loving tea drinkers. Happy reading!


I Heart Teas | Tea Snobbery Is So Y2K – I thoroughly enjoyed this read on Rachel’s blog and I think this is a post all tea drinkers should read. I can’t agree enough with this line especially “Believe me you are no less a tea enthusiast if you enjoy flavored tea or tea in bags. I won’t judge you. I may encourage you to try loose leaf tea and if you need help I’ll gladly assist.”

Adventures in Tealand | A Master Class ~ Taiwanese Teas with Tillerman – When I first heard about this evening Tea Guild of Canada was hosting with Tillerman Tea I was quite bummed I wasn’t going to be in the GTA that day to attend. Luckily, Rita shared a great recap post this week that included photos as well as the powerpoint presentation which is perfect for those who wish they could have been there!

The Oolong Drunk | The Connection Between Puer and Cat People – Anything that talks about tea and cats gets a quick like from me! In this fun post, Cody asked some individuals from the tea community, who favour puer tea, if they were also a fan of cats. I wasn’t surprised to see that the majority were because, in my opinion, cats are the best tea pets 😉

The Steap | A DIY Mother’s Day Tea Bath Salt – Mother’s Day may have passed but this tea DIY would be great to make whenever for yourself or someone else. Ingrid used fresh mint, dried hibiscus and bergamot oil but gives other combination ideas. I would definitely make the one she suggested for relaxation!

The Hidden Leaf | Why Do I Drink Tea? – This was the first post I read when I recently came across this blog. I’m so glad it was because I was able to really connect with the blogger as we share similar tea views. If you view tea as a meditative experience, you may relate with this post as well.


Sincerely Simian | Teacups & Crowns – This cute cafe and boutique is near my hometown and definitely on my list of places to visit soon. How fun it would be to sip on tea, nibble on treats and shop!? If you want a peak inside the stunning place, be sure to check out this review.


Love and Olive Oil | Thai Tea Ice Cream – Now that the warmer weather is finally arriving here in Canada, this ice cream (or any ice cream for that matter) is a must. But, I definitely love the idea of a thai tea infused ice cream and hope the warm weather stays around this time for lots of it.

Cookie and Kate | Healthy Zucchini Muffins – Growing up my mom and I always made muffins with zucchini from our garden. I used to think it was weird to have zucchini in something and still taste so delicious. But, I soon became obsessed with having a freshly baked zucchini muffin with my cup of tea. So imagine my excitement when I saw one of my favourite food bloggers share a recipe for a much healthier version that I can make and pair with my daily cuppa. 

Enjoy this May blog round up! Do you have a blog you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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    I’m glad my review helped you discover a gem in the city! I really hope you enjoy visiting Teacups & Crowns! 🙂

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