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Canada 150 Tea Blends

June 28, 2017 in Tea News / Tea Thoughts

Canada is turning 150 years old July 1st this year! It’s the country I have called home all my life and a beautiful country I hope to travel throughout and see a lot more of every year. With this milestone, pretty much everywhere you go here is covered in the maple leaf and various Canada 150 memorabilia. There will be a Canada themed version of almost anything you need or want, including tea. While we may be seen as a country that loves their double double from Tim Hortons, tea has been around in Canada since the first shipment was imported by the Hudson Bay Company in 1716. This Canada Day you can steep yourself a cup of one of the many limited edition Canada 150 tea blends Canadian tea companies have available.

When you think of a Canada 150 tea blend what do you think of exactly? For me, I think of a bold black tea that definitely has maple syrup notes somehow. In fact, I immediately think of the maple smoked tea that Victor from Westholme Tea Farm talked about in my Fresh Cup Magazine piece about Canada’s tea farm. For Canada day last year I was inspired to steep a keemun black tea and stir in real Canadian maple syrup to celebrate. It was such a delicious treat!

This year there are plenty of great Canada 150 tea blends all ready for you. I have curated a mini list below of some I have come across that you can get for this year’s celebrations. Happy Birthday Canada! 

Canada 150 Tea Blends

MaCanada 150 Teaple Shack by Tealee

This oolong and black tea is blended with coarse maple sugar, cinnamon, and apple pieces making. The black tea used is actually lapsang souchong which helps to make this a perfect sweet and smokey Canada day tea.

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Canada 150 TeaThe Canada 150 Blend by Pluck Teas 

This Canada 150 tea is blended with bold black teas from around the world, sunflower petals, safflower petals and natural flavour. It’s similar to a traditional breakfast tea with hints of caramel. I definitely recommend stirring a bit of real maple syrup into your steeped cup….because why not?! 

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Canada 150 TeaCanada 150 by Shanti Tea

This tea blend is described as having teas, herbs and spices from every corner of the world!  Thanks to the black and puerh tea base it is earthy and also quite rich with organic carob root. If you’re looking for a chocolate drink, this is it! It also has pink peppercorns, hibiscus, orange peel, safflower, chrysanthemum.

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Canada 150 TeaTea The North by David’s Tea 

This Canada 150 tea is different than the typical maple syrup type blends. Instead, this is a white tea that is crafted with melon, pineapple, coconut, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, apple, rose petals, rhubarb, safflower blossoms, watermelon and rhubarb. If you’re looking for a cool, refreshing drink your celebrations, this fruity one is delicious to pour over ice!

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Canada 150 TeaCanada 150 Tea by Murchie’s Fine Tea & Coffee

This Canada 150 tea is also flavoured with (you guessed it!) maple! However, what makes it unique from the rest is that it consists of three teas – black, green and oolong. 

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Canada 150 TeaMaple Sugar Shack by Tease Tea

This black tea is a Canadian tea lover’s dream as it is blended with real maple syrup. Not to be confused with the other maple shack blend on this list though because instead of being smokey it is floral thanks to the safflower petals and rose petals addition. 

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What tea will you be celebrating Canada’s 150th with? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have a Canada 150 tea that is not on this list feel free to link it below to share.

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