What I Love Most About Tea

May 30, 2017 in Learn / Tea Thoughts

One of the most common questions I get asked is “why do I love tea?” It’s not always an easy question to answer because there are so many things I love about tea. It’s pretty much all that I drink. Call me boring but if I’m not drinking water then I’m drinking tea or some kind of tea infused drink. I find that many don’t understand how someone could love a beverage so much that they make it a focal point in their life. So I’m here to give you the inside details on my relationship with tea and why it was love at first sip.

Why Do I Love Tea?

Of course, what I fell in love with initially was the taste of the tea itself. Despite the fact that it was essentially liquid sugar at the time, I told myself this was my drink. Growing up in primarily a coffee drinking household, I stayed away from the bean and tea was something I would drink regularly and enjoy.

But going back to my first sip of tea — a milky and sweet steep from a strawberry flavoured black tea bag — I always knew it was about so much more than the taste. After all, I didn’t have my very first cup of tea because I constantly heard people rave about how delicious it was.

No. I actually had no idea if tea tasted good.

I just knew it was something grown ups always served when they got together.

Instead, I had my very first cup just because I was finally at that age where my parents let me have a little caffeine. Remember the feeling when you finally get upgraded from the kids table to the adults table at family functions? That’s exactly how I felt the day I was invited to join my mother and older sister’s tea time. For a seven year old, this felt like a right of passage for me.

So, you see, at seven years old I didn’t have people telling me “tea is so delicious, just wait until you can try it!” or “there is nothing better than the taste of tea.” I had nothing to go off of and, looking back now, I was never fixated on how tea was going to taste, I just wanted to join tea time!

The tea’s taste was just a vehicle from what I really experienced deep down…a powerful connection with my mother and sister that was simply indescribable. Tea makes me feel connected. Watching my mom and sister having tea with one another I always knew there was a special bond that happened over their cups and I couldn’t wait to experience that with them. One of the greatest things about tea is how it brings people together. For instance, whether you’re a friend, family member or stranger, you’re visiting my blog right now because of our mutual love for tea.

I love tea

I don’t think there are many other beverages out there that may give you the same feeling. When you look at coffee, in North America at least, it’s usually a grab and go drink that leaves little to no time for stopping and connecting. Alcohol is usually seen as a social drink but I find the effect it has tends to distort things. Water comes before tea as the world’s most consumed drink but I don’t think I have ever experienced someone asking me to meet up for a tall, cold glass of water and a chat.

When I look at most of the important people in my life, tea has played a vital role in the growth of our relationships. Aside from my mom and sister who, to this day, I still share cups with, there’s also my boyfriend. Since I first came across his tea stash (mainly a variety of Lipton tea bags, but still) we have been sharing teas together every day. Whether we make tea for each other to take in our thermos and go, or we sit and enjoy a proper tea session, our tea habits have grown together and is a big part of our relationship. Thanks to tea, we have always found a way to take time out of our schedules to slow down, and catch up with one another.

Then, of course, there are also online tea friends (like you!) who I have connected with so much over the years whether it is through my blog, tea events, social media or even tea pen pals. While we don’t always share a cup of tea in person, I know that whenever I am having a cup here in Canada, you’re somewhere enjoying your own cup, too.

By now it might seem like I mostly just drink tea when others are around but, truthfully, the opposite can be said. When I do have tea by myself, I take advantage of it. Whether it’s a quick cup at my laptop to work or an hour long tea session at my tea table, the moments when tea connects me to, well, me, is a very meditative kind of experience. If I’m not having the best day, I always look forward to unwinding with tea because just the thought of that makes things a bit better. Tea can connect us with others, but what is probably more riveting is that tea can connect us to ourselves. Reconnecting with myself makes everything better.

So while I love the taste of almost all things tea, I wouldn’t exactly say that’s what I love most about tea. The new and old relationships that have formed and grown because of the beverage definitely tops the list.

Tea is a ritual and when we share that ritual with others, near or far, we can find a powerful connection that we will take with us in life. Just like I did on that day I had my very first sip of tea 🙂

So now the question is coming your way…what do you love most about tea? Please share in the comments below!

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    I love how you talk about the community aspect of tea. Having something as simple as a warm beverage to bring us together is a magical thing!

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