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Currently Loving: Winter 2017 Edition

January 24, 2017 in Tea Favourites

1. Compact Electronic Scale from Taylor Precision – One of my Christmas gifts last month was this scale. Until now, I have never weighed my own teas at home prior to steeping. I have just used the teaspoon measuring method and off I went. This scale is digital and measures in grams or ounces – up to 16oz/500g. I like having the scale around for when I’m actually tasting a new tea for the first time. One of my favourite things about this scale is how compact it is! Sometimes I confuse it for my cell phone, haha. The cover doubles as dish to place your items in and weigh like that if you prefer, too.

2. The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies – I’ve had this book for some time and finished it last month. After my own book things, I was happy to be able to sit and enjoy a new tea inspired read. Without giving away many details from this book, I have always wanted a book similar to this one before (tea fiction). The book is set in the 1920s and is about a woman, Gwen, who marries and settles in Ceylon with her husband. As you may imagine from the title, the main character becomes the wife of a tea planter so there are some neat tea references along the way of this romance read. I do think that it is the type of book that you really have to not give up on though. I found it quite slow in the beginning, but things started to pick up and get more interesting by the middle.

3. Tea Time Print from Tea Thoughts Shop – I love dressing up my place with tea art! I don’t think this specific print is available on Nazanin’s Etsy shop right now, but I won it in a giveaway she held a while back and now it is framed and in my tea room. I opted for a simple, white frame because I didn’t want anything to take away from the awesome colours here. I absolutely love the galaxy like background. After having this piece up, it inspired me to create some word art to frame to add to my tea space.

4. Swarovski Tea Bag Chain from My Tea Bling – I have mentioned this neat tea product on the blog once before. I used mine every single day during the holidays and every time I served someone a tea with one of the tea bling clipped onto the tea bag, they would just got on and on about how gosh darn cool it was! They are certainly a conversation piece and they really do add a little sparkle to your tea party. Recently, I have been clipping other fresh herbs to the clip with a tea bag to spice things up when I feel like it. I love having that option with this tea product, too.

5. Matcha Oatmeal Variety Pack 1 from Matcha Marketplace – I’ve never really been a huge oatmeal fan for breakfast because I never found it to be filling. I came across these prepackaged matcha oatmeals and had to give them a try. This variety pack included 6 packs, 3 different flavours (apple cinnamon, blueberry coconut and cranberry walnut). The packs consists of gluten free whole grain rolled oats, culinary grade matcha and whatever dried fruit and nuts are needed for the flavours. Cranberry Walnut was definitely my favourite from this pack. You also have the option to order packs that include brown sugar, but I preferred the unsweetened versions. Since I eat oatmeal as a snack, instead of a meal, sometimes I drizzle pure maple syrup on it after it’s cooked. Yum!

What tea related items are you currently loving? Share in the comments below.

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  • Reply Notes on Tea January 24, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    I’ve been eating oatmeal the past two mornings because I ran out of granola. I make my own, and made a new batch tonight. The next inbetween time I will sprinkle matcha on my oatmeal, or maybe I’ll add it to my finished granola.

    • Reply Lu Ann Pannunzio January 24, 2017 at 11:07 pm

      Oh yum! Have you tried making your granola with tea, too?

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