Tea Review: Chambre De Sucre’s Livi

March 14, 2016 in Green Tea / Tea Review

Chambre Du Sucre is the home of the most beautiful sugar creations. Towards the end of last year I introduced their artisan sugars on the blog as the perfect item to make tea moment more special. In addition to their sugars, they also have a few handcrafted tea blends available. I tasted one of their green tea blends, Livi, and here are my thoughts.


Country of Origin: China

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, Orange peel, Cornflowers, Lemon peel, Safflower, Natural essential oil

Water Temperature: 80 degrees Celsius

Steep Time: 2 minutes


Dry Leaf: Flat, long green with yellow tints and fresh aroma that is also grassy, and fruity.

Wet Leaf: Darker green, strong bergamot accompanied by a nice, light orange peel aroma.

Liquor: Bright, golden

First Sip Thought: “Light twist.”

Tasting Notes: When I first read the ingredients to this tea blend, I was super curious how this “earl grey green tea” would taste. You can even say I was slightly nervous. I was unsure how flavours from a grassy sencha green tea would pair with the classic bergamot oil, and the orange and lemon peels. The sencha here is very light and fresh which compliments the other ingredients nicely. The green tea base of this blend allowed the tangy citrus notes to be more prevalent than what you would get with the classic black tea blend. I would say at first, bergamot and citrus notes are the strongest here. However, as the tea cools, the sencha’s vegetal qualities become more apparent and a creaminess follows. There is a lingering citrus sweetness that is ever so perfect. If you are an earl grey fan, this is definitely a nice, lighter twist to the bold classic.


Tea Review

*Interested in this tea? You can find it online here.

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