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September Round Up: The Best, Most Interesting Blogs this Month

September 30, 2015 in Monthly Round Up

Need more items to add to that never ending list of things to read? You’re at the right place! It’s that time of the month again where I share some of my favourite blog posts I have read and loved during September. This series is both fun and difficult to do each month. I love going through my blog list but it’s always tough to narrow down to just a handful or so of great writing. As usual, the tea category dominates here (because, well, this is a tea blog) but this month there are actually some pretty great articles in other categories that are tea related, too. With tea etiquette and marketing advice, tea infused recipes, and photography tips, I hope you’ll find something new and interesting to you!


TeaLover.Net | On Tea and Kickstarters  – Some of you may not know that, in addition to tea writing, I’m also a marketing professional so this blog post pretty much covers both of my worlds. Even though I am completely obsessed with tea, there are only a few tea themed Kickstarters that seem worth the backing. The writer here does a fabulous job at explaining and giving examples of a few key items you should consider before starting one for your next tea adventure.

Teaspoons and Petals | Earl Grey Tea Latte Popsicles – In addition to her endless creative recipes, Alexis provides the most beautiful words to accompany those delicious how-to posts. This recipe is just one of many like that. I’m a huge fan of earl grey iced lattes, so these popsicles are a must for myself.

TeaDB | Relative Price & Tea – This is a fantastic post you should consider reading if you have ever asked yourself “Is that too much to pay for this tea?” I think it’s quite fascinating how different some think in cases like this. James compares two of his friends’ thoughts to show it’s all about relativity. 

The Lovely Tea Cup | Afternoon Tea Etiquette – Going out and enjoying afternoon tea in a fancy setting is quite the treat. This blog post goes through some of the do’s and don’ts when attending afternoon tea. So if you’re going out for one soon, read up first for some helpful tips.


A Little Vanilla | Simple Green Breakfast Smoothie – Smoothies are the perfect thing to make when you have to use up produce that is on the verge of going bad, real soon. I found this recipe to be a bit different as it also included tofu. The matcha is optional here but I would totally recommend it.

I Say Nomato | 5 Things Beginner Food Photographers Should Know – Sometimes I see a beautiful photo of a dish I normally wouldn’t eat but then consider so because it looked too good in the shot. If you’re into food photography or any kind for that matter (because this definitely also applies to tea) Cristina does a fab job at outlining some capture tips with examples of her own.


Kaleidoscope | 8 Tips To Waking Up Happier – Mornings certainly aren’t everyone’s favourite thing and if there were any ways to make them better we should give it a try. If that’s the case for yourself, take a look at this blog post for some great ideas that can easily be implemented today.

Kimberly Snyder | Tea vs. Coffee: My Perspective from a Beauty Standpoint – After sharing some photos and stories from her trip to Sri Lanka where she took time to visit tea farms, Kimberly gives her thoughts on the coffee and tea industry after noticing an off-putting sign in her local Starbucks. I always enjoy reading people’s journey to tea after they ditched coffee. I was also excited that she didn’t only highlight tisanes but mentioned oolongs, green, and white tea.


Reading My Tea Leaves | Life in a Tiny Apartment – I always love Erin’s survival tips for how to making living in a smaller space perfection. In this specific post she talks about the most simple ways to beat the heat, especially when you don’t have the luxury of an A/C. Even though Summer is over, this is a post to save for next year or in case any Summer weather sneaks up on us again the next few weeks.

Do you have a blog you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Reply footnotes and finds October 10, 2015 at 5:35 am

    this is great! i too love tea, my favourite being indian chai, japanese sencha green tea and white tea!

  • Reply Karen Grosz October 18, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    Love checking out new blogs. Looking forward to exploring. Thanks

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