Tea Review: Café Couture’s Ginger Sencha Star

August 7, 2015 in Green Tea / Tea Review
Ingredients: Chinese green tea, ginger bits, orange peel, whole star aniseed, almond pieces, apricot kernels, oat grass, whole cardamom, cinnamon pieces, rose petals, cloves

Steep Time: 1.5 minutesFirst Sip Thought: “A lot of different flavours.”

Smell: Grassy with floral hints. The dry leaf is dark green, long and thin. After steep, the tea is yellow in colour still releasing a grassy aroma with ginger notes and fruits, especially orange.

Taste: I’m not quite sure I have ever had a ginger-sencha combination before, at least not with a Chinese sencha. I know this one is obviously way more than just those two ingredients, but as the name of this tea blend states, the ginger bits added were the star ingredients, making for an intense flavour. With the extensive additives, I felt the sencha was slightly lost. However, the exciting flavours add a warm and soothing effective to this tea blend. Other ingredients that were easily noticed through sips were the cinnamon pieces, cardamom, orange peel, and cloves. The Chinese sencha itself is slightly grassy with some soft sweetness. Although it didn’t taste a bit nutty as I was expecting, this tea blend still lived up to its name. A lovely bonus: as this tea comes in a silk sachet, it is enclosed in a package with inspiration quotes similar to the one photoed above.
Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 tea leaves
*Interested in this tea? You can find it online here.

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