Tea Review: Tattle Tea’s Organic Bai Mu Dan

July 6, 2015 in Tea Review / White Tea

“While Tattle Tea is a new endeavor for us, we have been selling handcrafted teas since 2004 as Coffee Bean Direct. Our goal at Tattle Tea® is to de-mystify tea. Steeping the perfect cup of tea is simple and quick; anyone can do it. Our job is to simplify tea and provide you with everything necessary to enjoy your cup to the fullest. We will slowly ease you deeper and deeper into the tea world when you’re ready.” Take a look at a white tea of theirs available.
Ingredients: Organic white tea from Oothu Estate in southern India

Steep Time: 2 minutes

First Sip Thought: “Fresh peach juice.”

Smell: The aroma is slightly floral and juicy. The juiciness comes from a fruit, fresh peaches is what comes to mind. This peach aroma also gives off some sweetness. The dry leaves have a strong buttery scent, but after steeped it is more earthy and floral. For a white tea, I found the colour of the liquid to be quite strong – a beautiful deep yellow.

Taste: Bai Mu Dan white tea may also be known as Pai Mu Tan or White Peony. The tea leaves are a beautiful green and light brown. Enjoyed with no additions, this white tea was quite flavourful even with lighter tastes than the smell. Right away, the tea tastes like fruit – peach or apricots – just very, fresh picked, juicy fruits (almost mouthwatering). With no dryness, this tea is quite refreshing. I also get a lingering nutty taste, something similar to walnuts. Despite the floral aroma, the floral aspect of the tea was very subtle in the taste to me. Although not as sweet, while drinking this tea, I was immediately brought back to a memory of a delicious peach juice I drank regularly when younger. Overall, this Bai Mu Dan white tea is very smooth with no astringency that I noticed.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 tea leaves
*Interested in this tea? You can find it online here.

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