Tea Review: Jalam Tea’s Naka Unfermented Puerh

January 2, 2015 in Puerh Tea / Tea Review

Ingredients: Green Unfermented Puerh

Steep Time: 2 minutes

First Sip Thought: “Quite sweet.”

Smell: This puerh is aromatic as ever. The strong aroma is nice and not at all too much. I can also notice floral characters with the scent.

Taste: This tea was harvested in Autumn 2013 in the region of Naka. Harvested from bushes of roughly 30 years old from fields of 1500 metres Jalam Teas’ Naka is on the high scale of altitude range. They state that “higher altitudes and lower temperatures provide a recipe for slower growth generally which benefits the plant and in the words of locals, ‘makes a deeper flavour’. Higher altitudes also aid in keeping a minimum of natural tea leaf predators at bay.”

This is a very pleasant tea to enjoy. I wasn’t surprised though because I am also impressed with the quality of teas I received from Jalam Teas. Before the first steep you can already sense the freshness and with each taste that occurs a sweet astringency is noticeable. The sweetness is the one thing I was quite surprised about. I enjoy this puerh in the early afternoon as it can be quite powerful for a quick pick me up, especially since I prefer longer infusions. However, even within a few seconds this tea can become quite strong. It’s great to experiment with times to find the perfect taste for yourself.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 tea leaves

Side note: If this is your first tea cake, here is a step-by-step guide on how to break and prepare a tea cake.

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