Tea Review: Simple Loose Leaf’s Sweet Peach White

July 31, 2014 in Tea Review / White Tea

Simple Loose Leaf was founded on the idea that the tea community needs a member curated tea of the month club. We offer a way for our members, whether new to tea or an old hand at it, to experience tea and have the thrill of receiving something new in the mail every month in a way that keeps the reins of the club in our club member’s hands.  Simple Loose Leaf offers the first members curated tea of the month club, where every member decides their own path and we simply lend a helpful hand.” Here’s a white tea they offer.

Ingredients: Shou Mei White Tea, Safflowers, Sunflowers, Freeze-Dried Peaches, Peach Flavour

Steep Time: 3 minutes

First Sip Thought: “The taste is just like the smell!”

Smell: I always love when you get tea in the mail and can already smell it when you haven’t even opened the package yet. This tea is just like that. It smells fresh – like laying under a blooming peach tree on a warm summer day.

Taste: Have you ever had a tea that smelt too good to be true and it was just that – tasted horrible? Sweet Peach White is nothing like that. As my first sip thought states, I was delighted to find out that taste wasn’t deceiving from the smell. This white tea is fresh and light – a nice twist on their Shou Mei White Tea. The perfect balance of sweet and fruity. If you were to add sugar it kind of resembles a “fuzzy peach” taste. I especially enjoy the freeze-dried peaches addition to the blend. I feel like that makes this blend juicy and it’s nice to have the actual thing rather than only a flavouring. I indulged in this tea hot, and frozen as a popsicle. I’ll have to share my popsicle recipe shortly as this tea was the perfect base for it because of the natural sweetness. For now, I’m going to test my patience and try to cold-steep this tea overnight because I have a feeling it’ll be amazing!


Verdict: 5 out of 5 tea leaves

*Interested in this tea? You can find it online here.

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