DIY: Teacup Wineglasses

December 9, 2012 in Tea DIY
Image via Frances Janisch/Country Living

Every time I steep a pot of Ice Wine tea I always wish I had some sort of teacup wine glass to make it feel like a classier beverage. Also, the idea of a teacup and a wine glass is pretty cute and creative. Who wouldn’t buy one? It doesn’t just have to be for a wine based tea blend either. Say you’re at a dinner party, but not a fan of wine and rather sip on a warm cup of tea. A perfect way to fit in is to pull out your own nifty teacup wine glass. You will definitely have heads turning and possibly start a tea trend.

I am thrilled to have found this great DIY from Country Living on how to make these stunning looking teacup wineglasses. Here’s how:

1. Carefully score the stem of a wine glass with a glass cutter.
2. Tap the wine glass against a sink to snap the stems off.
3. Use Super Glue’s glass adhesive to bond the stem to the bottom of a teacup. (Dries in 30 seconds)

Be sure to let me know if you give this DIY a try and what tea blend you plan to indulge in it first!

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