At The Tea Table with Lauren of #tuesdayteacup

February 21, 2017 in At the Tea Table

#TuesdayTeacup is a hashtag on Instagram that is continuing to grow. Lauren R. started #tuesdayteacup as the perfect way for tea drinkers to share their fondest cups, and also give other tea lovers the opportunity to admire them (my favourite!). You can often find Lauren pairing her tea and teacups with needles and hooks. In addition to being a tea lover herself, her love for crocheting is also evident throughout her online shop A Bee in the Bonnet. At the tea table we talked about her earliest tea memory, creating with tea by her side and she gave us a peak inside her own teacup collection. Read more…


What Is Amacha And Why Is It So Sweet?

February 14, 2017 in Herbal Tea / Learn / Tea Review

Amacha is a Japanese herbal tea from a plant called hydrangea macrophylla. Amacha translates to “sweet tea” and if you taste this herbal tea you would instantly experience why it is named perfectly. The first time I ever tasted amacha my first sip thought was actually “Did someone just dump sugar in my cup when I turned my back for two seconds?” That might sound a bit bizarre but amacha is actually about 200 times sweeter than table sugar and it has no added ingredients or flavours. Read more…

earl grey

The Art of Earl Grey with Twinings Tea

February 9, 2017 in Black Tea / Tea News / Tea Review

There seems to always be at least one tea that you keep falling in and out of love with. For me, that tea is earl grey. Earl Grey tea is generally made with a black tea base (such as Ceylon) and flavoured with oil of bergamot. My history with this tea goes back to when I was a child and first started drinking tea. The first time I ever tasted an earl grey it just tasted like fruit loops cereal to me. I didn’t exactly think that was a good thing though. There are a few earl grey teas in the past that I have tried and helped me shake off that feeling. Since then, I enjoy tasting different earl grey blends, tea bag or loose leaf, to see if that feeling returns.
Read more…

toronto tea festival 2017

Toronto Tea Festival 2017 Recap and Thoughts

February 8, 2017 in Tea Events

When this new year first began I was extremely anxious for the end of the month because that meant one thing: Toronto Tea Festival 2017! This was my third year attending and I can confidently say that it keeps getting better each year. The committee is constantly thinking of new things for Toronto’s tea lovers and it seems to be growing in popularity, too. While I didn’t want the festival weekend to end, I also couldn’t wait to get home and dive into my new tea goodies and, of course, report my thoughts on this blog. Read more…

cold relief tea

The Perfect Cold Relief Tea On The Go

February 7, 2017 in Beverage / Tea Recipe

One of the worst things about feeling under the weather is not being able to properly experience your tea. I still try to put the kettle on and steep teas because it is something that feels great, even though I may not really taste it. However, last month when I was feeling under the weather I tried taking tasting notes for an oolong but I failed miserably. Suggestions to just rest and try herbal teas that were more ginger and lemon focused came my way. With many things to do and places to go, I needed something to get me through the day. I started making this homemade cold relief tea daily in my trusty Tea Time Bottle. Read more…

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