At The Tea Table with Phil Rushworth of ZhenTea

April 20, 2017 in At the Tea Table

When I get asked for Canadian tea company recommendations, I always include ZhenTea on my list. Specializing in Chinese teas, ZhenTea is owned and operated by a trio and Phil Rushworth is one of those three individuals. Whenever I come across ZhenTea’s eye catching booth at the Toronto Tea Festival I always encounter Phil sharing his growing tea knowledge with others and, of course, the wonderful tea selection they offer. Phil’s tea journey started to take off when Zhen actually came into the picture. At the tea table Phil and I discussed how his tea relationship grew when he married into tea, how his personal tea sessions might look and some other fun things. Read more…

Annabelle's Tea Room

Annabelle’s Tea Room – Kingsville, Ontario

April 13, 2017 in Tea Shops

Tucked in the heart of Canada’s southernmost town is one of my favourite spots for afternoon tea. Annabelle’s Tea Room opened in 2007 and is located in an 1859 historic home in Kingsville, Ontario. If you follow me on Instagram you may notice that I always post photos around my birthday of my afternoon tea visit here as it has become a tradition. Whenever I share snapshots of my celebrations I often get people asking where this lovely shop is so they can put it on their list of places to check out. Read more…

Tea Dyed Easter Eggs

DIY Tea Dyed Easter Eggs

April 11, 2017 in Tea DIY

Not only does Easter mean chocolates galore but also time for decorating eggs! Growing up I always used food colouring to do so, and sometimes paint. As I got older I would make a cup of tea, grab some hard boiled eggs, vibrant paint and use that liquid in my cup only as inspiration to create something fun. This year I finally decided to set the food colouring and paint aside and just use what you would usually find in a cup beside my creative sessions — tea. Have you tried making tea dyed Easter eggs before? Read more…

march blog round up

This Month In Tea // March Blog Round Up

April 1, 2017 in Monthly Round Up

April Fools day is almost over and I have (so far) successfully avoided getting fooled this year. I usually avoid the internet whenever I can on this day because you never know what little thing is going to trick you. Being extra careful, I managed to create the March blog round up of my favourite tea related reads. If you’re also trying not to get fooled today I promise there are no pranks in these blogs. The easiest way to not fall into a prank today is reading up on last month’s stuff, right? Enjoy :) Read more…

The Tea Makers of London

Oolong Tasting with The Tea Makers of London

March 28, 2017 in Oolong Tea / Tea Review

Usually when I can’t decide what tea I want, I tend to fall back on an oolong. Even though it is such a wide category of tea, no other tea type offers such complexity and variety of flavour. Oolong teas can range from green and floral to sweet and fruity or to dark and roasted, with much more in between. I often find that they’re the one type of tea I reach for when I want to just sip and relax as they’re easy to get lost in thanks to the taste and visual beauty. I felt quite refreshed after a tea tasting with some oolongs from The Tea Makers of London. Read more…

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