Iced Tea Recipes

3 Iced Tea Recipes To Help Tweak Your Tea

May 19, 2016 in Beverage / Tea Recipe

Bottled iced tea and I have a love hate relationship. I desperately want to like them for convenience but I have always found it difficult to find a decent brand that actually uses real tea leaves and isn’t overly sweet. With the amount of sugar packed into most bottled iced tea drinks, it doesn’t exactly refresh or hydrate me during the summer months and takes away from the actual tea flavour. However, Pure Leaf Canada recently introduced me to their new unsweetened tea line and with National Iced Tea Month just days away, I was definitely inspired to create some iced tea recipes. Read more…

tea sommelier

A Look Into Becoming A Certified TAC Tea Sommelier

May 11, 2016 in Learn / Tea Interview

The dictionary defines ‘sommelier’ as a waiter in a restaurant who serves wine but today you hear about a tea sommelier and even some other food and drink sommeliers. To become any kind of professional in tea, like other fields, devoting time for study is important, whether it is from books, online resources, or even real life experiences. There are also some courses related to tea that you can gain knowledge from and earn the title, but finding the right education can be overwhelming with the various options out there. Read more…

Tea Descendants

Tea Review: Tea Descendants’ Light Fresh Scent

May 5, 2016 in Oolong Tea / Tea Review

Tea is best served for conversations. And over tea, we’d like to share our story too. Born in Singapore, we are the third generation of a tea-planting family from Fujian, China. Our forefathers came to Singapore early last century in seek of a better life, while the rest stayed in the tea plantations to continue the family trade of planting and crafting Iron Goddess (铁观音).” Let’s take a look at one of the Tea Descendants’ three teas. Read more…

round up

April Round Up: Recommended Blog Reads this Month in Tea

May 2, 2016 in Monthly Round Up

I’m currently sipping on my second cup of genmaicha filled with sweet and nutty notes and I am trying to understand where last month went. Part of me is glad it went by fast though as it was a hectic month with tax time, my other work, family things and of course, this special project that I mentioned once late last year that I’m working on. Now that I am getting through it and well on my way, the excitement is real. All will be revealed in about a month or two so stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know the details. Read more…

tea time playlist

The Perfect Jazz and Tea Time Playlist

April 29, 2016 in Tea Thoughts

When you enjoy your tea, whether alone or with company, what can you usually hear in the background? Silence may be preferred at times but music can be used to enhance certain experiences, like a tea mediation. April marks Jazz Appreciation Month and it ends with International Jazz Day (April 30). My appreciation for jazz didn’t come as easily as it did for tea. However, today you will find me chatting about how the two were always made for each other. Most often all movements during my tea session (steeping leaves, pouring teapot, etc.) are done with jazz thanks to my tea time playlist. Read more…

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